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Authorised SAM Dealers

 Raised Bed Management System


The key advantage of the RBM (Raised Bed Management) System is the quantum leap in productivity achieved with the development of the BEDFORMER, BEDLOCKER and the BED WEEDER which allow many additional processes such as Seeding, Transplanting, Fetilization, etc. etc. to be carried out accurately on up to 3 beds at a time by one operator.

All of this is achieved by the UNIQUE system of using Perfectly Formed Raised Beds as a guidance system.

    The RBM Bedformer is the only one of its type in the world and forms raised beds in one pass. Deep rippers can be added to the Bedformer or fertiliser bins added for urea placement. The Bedformer has been designed not to be a soil destroyer and can work at 3-4 acres per hour or slower with deep rippers attached. Compaction rates are adjustable to suit the individual soil type.

 BEDFORMER in action

    Once the bed is formed in the paddock the next requirement is guidance to sow seed or transplant seedlings. For this operation, a Bedlocker is required and acts as a guidance system, literally locking onto the bed, for all subsequent operations.
    The Bedlocker places the seed in relation to the bed side. It also sets the scene for the Power Weeder, which is the heart of the RBM System.

 Transplanting machinery guided by the BEDLOCKER

    The Power Weeder is designed to eliminate most of the labour associated with weed control and the use of expensive chemicals. Designed to work in all soil conditions from sand to heavy clay at any width and height, and guided by it's own bed locking skis which are teflon coated for durability and teflon's non-sticking qualities, the

Power Weeder reforms the bed shape while weeding with depth controled, oscillating blades.

 POWER WEEDER in action

    The oscillating movement of the blades allows the knives to be self-cleaning, self-sharpening and as the weeder passes the farmer is left with uncultivated strips on the bed surface.
    The machine fits to the rear of the tractor with the heavy sway chains loose, hence the weeder is guided by itself and not by the tractor operator, ensuring exacting accuracy.
    There are many optional components that have been designed for the RBM System, including the Intermediate Plow Frame, the Bed Renovator tool bar, deep rippers and adjustable clamps through to two variations of foliage guards.

For more information on the machinery used in the Raised Bed Management System, please view our Horticultural Machinery page.

For a complete Raised Bed Management solution, customised for your specific needs, contact SAM today!