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Authorised SAM Dealers
Authorised SAM Dealers

 Raised Bed Management System

Raised Bed Farming allows high yield crops to grow in areas which normally have unsuitable conditions.

Struggling livestock farmers can now seriously look into cropping as an economically viable option.

In the past high rainfall areas have suffered from restricted cropping potential.

The SAM BEDFORMER in action
Beds being formed using a SAM Triple BEDFORMER

Beds after spraying
Beds after spraying

Converted Combine for direct drilling
Converted Combine for direct drilling

Beds in good shape after drilling
Beds in good shape after drilling

The growing crop
The growing crop

Excess water leeching from the beds
Excess water leeching from the beds

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    With permanent raised beds this has all changed and high yielding crops now have great potential.
    Farmers also have the benefit of not being restricted to growing wheat, oats and barley.
    Crops such as canola, faba beans, peas, human consumption lupins, lentils, coriander and early sown summer crops such as sunflowers and sorghum can be successfully grown.
    Raised bed farming is a relatively new system for both broadacre and row crops, offering a new way to higher yields and production.
    A popular misconception is that intensive cropping takes a lot out of the ground, and soils can only be cropped from one to three years, and that it can take four to six years to start to correct soil structure.
    By this time most farmers will be back in the pasture phase.
    The mismanagement of the soil is what causes yields to decline, not intensive crop production.
    Most Australian soils in the higher rainfall districts have been abused at varying times by cultivation and will slump on wetting, and then set hard and subsequently restrict the entry of water, and the emergence of seedling and growth of plant roots.
    Permanent raised beds are raised flat top hills, 1.8 - two metres wide and crops grown in these beds benefit from the improvement of drainage and soil structure.
    They provide the farmer with an extremely flexible farming system allowing the growing of:
  • Summer Crops - maize, sunflowers, soybeans, sorghum.
  • Winter Crops - cereals, faba beans, canola, chick peas, linseed, safflower, lupins.
  • Fodder Crops - millet, lucerne, forage sorghum.
  • Vegetables - numerous including asian vegetables.
  • Specialist Crops - viticulture, farm forestry, peppermint, spearmint, native cut flowers, nut trees, hemp, garlic, dill, herbs, lavender, olives, pistachio nuts, raspberries.
        Farm rotations can be varied between the production of grain, hay, silage and legumes, broadacre vegetables and livestock grazing, without the need to knock down the beds and rework the paddocks between crops.
        Under conventional farming systems, much time and resources are taken up preparing for the next crop.
        In irrigation districts and higher rainfall zones these operations can be delayed or repeated due to unsuitable weather and soil conditions.
        Due to pressures to get the next crop in, the ground is often worked when it is wet, causing soil compaction and slicking, or alternatively if worked too dry, the soils come up in large clods, which in turn has to be broken down by expensive additional workings.
        The permanent raised beds concept removes the need for all this ground preparation and allows immediate access to paddocks at optimum times.
        Permanent raised beds should improve the soil structure quicker than other methods of conservation farming.
        They allow crops to grow in areas which normally have unsuitable conditions.
        To establish raised beds you need specialist machinery.

    The RBM System
    SAM has researched, designed and developed an all inclusive, revolutionary, Raised Bed Management System for broadacre farmers, allowing an effective transition from traditional flat country farming to the highly beneficial Raised Bed Farming technique.

    Specially designed, custom built BEDFORMERS which form 1, 2 or 3 well compacted, variable width raised beds are available to suit your needs.

    Highly adjustable LISTER BAR / FERTILIZER RIG's built by SAM to last the distance.

    COMBINE CONVERSIONS are another of SAM's specialties. Why buy new when your old Combine can be converted to "state of the art" seeding technology! Combine to coil tyne direct drills for flat country or raised bed farming!
  • For a complete Raised Bed Management solution, customised for your specific needs, contact SAM today!
    A video is also available for loan on request.

    Thank you to the NORTH EAST AND GOULBURN MURRAY FARMER for the article, published in the Sept. 1998 edition pg 6.