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Bedforming is the first phase of the RBM (Raised Bed Management) concept in horticulture. SAM's Bedformers create uniform, level, full width beds with any amount of bed top compaction in one pass and with no moving parts. A single Bedformer without deep rippers attached can form beds behind a small 35 hp tractor, using SAM's unique square plows without pulverising the soil.


  • Strong, robust construction as our standard design.
  • Single Bedformers can rip, form & compact 2.3 acres per hour.
  • Custom design bedformers with centre of furrow to centre of furrow measurements are built to suit your tractor, combine, harvestor, spraybar and bedformer's (new common measurement) wheel centre. (See Triple Bedformer for more information)
  • All ground engaging tools, boats, plows, deep ripping clamps and smudgers are bolted assemblies for easy field adjustments with ring spanners.
  • All high wear areas have cross hatched hard-facing to act as your wear indicator and add life.
  • Designed for control traffic lane & permanent bed philosophy.
3 Construction categories are available:

LIGHT DUTY :for sand to fluffy loam, it is without deep ripping ability and comes standard with bisoloy blades. This version is budget priced for standard wear conditions.

HEAVY DUTY :for all soil types, with twin front toolbars for bed surface deep ripping with all heavy duty components as standard.

HIGH WEAR :for all soil types, with twin front toolbars, this version comes with BISOLOY (2nd skin) top plate and BISOLOY (2nd skin) boats and all replacement cutting edges with tungsten as standard.
 Single Bedformer
Each SAM Bedformer is custom built to fit your existing machinery. They are height and width adjustable to allow for diversity in crops and are built tough to last the distance.


  • Height adjustable clamps for deep ripping, shear pin protection for bed surface subsoiling and centre furrow ripping.
  • Hydraulic lift & lower seeder or transplanter toolbar for one pass forming & planting.
  • Bedforming and piggyback seeding or transplanting in one pass is an option, using the optional hydraulic lift & lower Bedformer rear toolbar.
  • Individual hydraulic Disc Markers (heavy duty) to suit all models.
 Creating "given size" compacted beds every time
Made by the company that has the flexibility to build a Raised Bed Management System for any purpose.


Bed locking is the second phase of SAM's Raised Bed Management concept, giving guidance from the perfectly compacted beds which act like 'tram lines' or rails for accurate sowing / planting on the bed top relative to the bed sides. The Bed Locker is universal (fits all) bed widths and heights and is available for single or triple beds. The Bed Locker floats behind the tractor locking the front toolbar skis onto the bed shape and after mounting the second set of skis to the rear of any implement guarantees accuracy of all other subsequent operations required, using the bed sides as 'tram lines' for C.T.F. (Controlled Traffic Farming).

 The Australian Land Invention of the Year Award

  • Strong, robust construction as our standard design.
  • The Bed Locker has been carefully designed using teflon non-stick surfaces on the base and edges of the skis to ensure accurate guidance from the compacted bed edges in all soils and weather conditions with good wear characteristics.
  • All Bed Lockers come standard with a second set of skis with legs and clamps to be mounted on the rear of your equipment which then locks the rear end to the bed sides.
  • The Bed Locker is an excellent guidance toolbar for use in C.T.F (Controlled Traffic Farming) and permanent bed philosophy to reduce damage to crops, machinery and bed shape, allowing the beds to retain thier form for a much greater period of time.

Power harrow / rotary hoe type bed shaper owners can also adopt the RBM system. Using the Bed Locker to plant accurately enables use of the Power / S-Tyne Weeder, as both will accomodate any bed width, shape or heights encountered.

  • Any size made to order
  • Single and Triple versions are available and are custom designed to accommodate varying bed widths, heights, shapes, sizes and crops.
  • Many brackets, for example: air seeder blower mounts, transplanter mounting for diamond mounting etc. are available as optional extras to accommodate any existing machinery you may have.
  • Special P.T.O. Bedlocker frames can be designed for mounting any equipment, for example ; mounting 3 transplanters per bed top.
  • Bolt in 'Silent Blocks' fitted between the toolbars will give cushioning and stability in transport mode while still maintaining its pivot joint steering from the rear toolbar skis.

All this is achievable by SAM's UNIQUE RBM SYSTEM of using perfectly compacted, formed RAISED BEDS as 'tram lines'. Delivering guidance in sowing accuracy, bed top seed placement and seed & fertiliser depth control. Higher germination is achieved due to the compacted soil beds and direct drilling with excellent soil to seed contact, which then translates to accuracy in the cultivation, weeding phase of your crop and saving in time, labour, crop damage and dollars.

The Intermediate Plow Frame (IPF) adds versatility to other RBM operations:

The IPF in bedforming:

One: When attached between the Bedformer and tractor, the deep ripping shanks on the IPF clear rocks and roots from the path of the Bedformer. This provides the Bedformer's square plows with protection against potentially damaging obstacles in rough conditions.

Two: By fitting deep rippers to the second toolbar on the IPF, the bed surface can be deep ripped in the same pass.

Three: On the third toolbar, coil tynes can be fitted for cultivation, deep banding fertiliser via a bin mounted above the IPF or on the front of the tractor and more.

The IPF in bed renovating:

Achieving all of the operations the IPF brings to bedforming plus using other toolbars for future requirements such as bed exploding, fertiliser bin mounting, cultivator points, deep banding or tillage using coil tynes.

These are just a sampling of the versatility added to bedforming and renovating. The IPF is a multi faceted toolbar limited ony by your imagination.

  • Comes complete with 2 deep ripping shanks.
  • The IPF has an adjustable top linkage for rake settings for use in bedforming or bed renovating with rear toolbar angle (rack) adjustability being invaluable in soil placement, soil pick-up and soil flow of the Bedformer.
  • Designed with the RBM standard deep rippers & clamps, standard RBM square plows & clamps and Primary Sales Australia coil tynes, and suits all bed heights and widths.


  • The Intermediate Plow Frame (I.P.F.) comes complete with adjustable clamps with depth control settings. The 2 x 20" shanks are complete with shin guards and shear pin protection and tungsten tipped points. Rear fertiliser tubes are optional, as are weeder wings (bolt on mulch blades).
  • Primary Sales Australia 390lb coil tynes with rear seed fertiliser tubes are also available as are 9 different styles of tungsten points. The tyne assemblies come with U-Bolts and tyne locators as standard. These tynes can be mounted on the 3 x 3 RHS toolbar to work in bed top or bed sides as required. 2 types of Primary Sales Australia 1" Coil Tynes are used (horizontally & vertically mounted) to 3" or 4" toolbars to suit many configurations.
  • For best results when bedforming or bed renovating, we suggest a hydraulic top linkage to be used in place of manual screw top linkage (supplied) for quick adjustments, allowing for non-stop adjustments as you go, a must in undulating conditions.


Raised bed management has revolutionised the agribusiness. More and more farmers are realising the many benefits of this type of farming…higher yields across the spectrum and full utilisation of paddock for efficiency and profitability. S.A.M. has adapted the conventional reverse till cultivator into a multi-purpose crop renovator, capable of producing outstanding results in applications from broadacre to viticulture through to market gardening...all in one-pass. Adaptability is the key widths from 500mm to 4 metres, and working at depths to 250mm. Multiple bed combinations are available.

The bed renovator principle combines a rotor that turns against the direction of travel with a series of non-panning blades, which lifts the soil over the top of the rotor and presents it to a finger-grid across the rear of the machine. This combination of blade and finger-grid action gives superior seed beds - all crop residues, clods and stone are laid at the base of the trough, and fine tilth creates an instant seed bed. The mesh roller gives optimum bed compaction and seed-to-soil contact. Research has shown a high increase in both seed germination and yields using this method.


  • Increase profitability. Water-logging virtually eliminated. Irrigation minimised for stock, cropping or horticulture purposes.

  • Longevity of soil management. Previously unproductive land can be utilised. Crop rotation can be continuous throughout the seasons.
Bed Renovator


INTRODUCING the latest in single pass cultivators, the reverse till produces the perfect seedbed. In one pass it buries rocks, trash, organic matter and breaks up clods, renovates seedbeds directly after harvest and prepares virgin soil into the perfect seed bed for ideal seed to soil contact.

People are very conscious of cost efficiency and the less number of times they go across the paddock is a big advantage. After a paddock has been ripped or ploughed you are straight in with the REVERSE TILL instead of going over it three or four times. Just realise in Australia, this unique machine combines a patented non-panning blade design with a reverse rotation rotor and finger screen discharge hood to preform near perfect cultivation for all types of crop production. In one pass it buries rocks up to 160mm and all other residue in its path to the perfect tilth.

The heavy duty reverse rotation rotor throws all stones and soil against a selection gate and the material is sorted by density covering the bed with a blanket of fine soil. The incorporation grader blade levels the bed top and the roller compacts the finish.

The manufacturer says the technique maintains soil structure within the cultivation depth, giving a seedbed of perfect density, favouring a maximum (up to 99%) seed germination rate and faster growth, equalling a more inform crop.

The revolutionary new concept is so versatile it can be used in both broadacre and horticulture, for flat country or raised bed farming, as well as a number of other industries Including: Road building, forestry, Landscaping, Greenkeeping, Golfcourses, Vineyards and Turf growers.

The bed renovator kit is easy to remove and allows you reverse till cultivator to be ready to work on flat country… Refitting the bed renovator kit is fast and easy and you are ready to renovate or form beds on command.

Optional extras can include "Grass Seed Box". Drip tray applications can be designed and fitted, as can fertiliser boxes, etc, all for one pass operations.

Bed top compaction, furrow base width and bed hight can be varied to suit your requirements.


The Power Weeder has been designed to eliminate most of the labour associated with intensive problems of weed control without the use of expensive chemicals. It has its own built in bedlocker and is available (only) in single bed models.

This Weeder will handle up to 6 rows of crop per bed and weeds down to 30mm 1 ˝" from the crop. Weeding on every single row is by means of variable speed knives, which give good trash clearance, long life and are self sharpening with adjustments for depth, width and blade angle (for tilth or difficult conditions).

Now crops either transplanted or precision sown seed can be weeded with a mechanical weeder, designed to commence work from weeks after sowing, also giving the crop a light cultivation.

Labour saving, reducing chemical inputs, minimum soil disturbance, less soil compaction and improved soil structure are our guarantees and the Weeder can now operate in closer proximity to the plants, greatly increasing the weeded area, all this adds up to $ saving in productions.

 The Australian Land Invention of the Year Award
  • Excellent under frame clearance up to 550mm 20"
  • The Power Weeder is suitable for 95% of all soil types
  • Oscillating knife blades mimic hand chipping under the surface at the crown of the weeds, these reciprocating horizontal blades penetrate the soil, lifting and dislodging weeds to within cm's of the growing plants.
  • Adjustable oscillating travel of blades for varying conditions and soil disturbance requirements.

  • More Features:
  • Controlled Weeder blade depth, follows the bed surface contours, via teflon coated bed top skis, also with full width adjustments to suit in the most trying conditions and after guiding off the uniformed shape bed, it then weeds the angle of repose of the bed and rebuilds the bed shape for subsequent passes, the rebuilders and bedlocking skis are also width, height and angle adjustable to suit aging or changing bed shape conditions.
  • The Weeder is free floating, hitched behind the tractor, and the built-in Bedlocker locks onto the bed and ensures complete and carefree accuracy without additional steering.
  • Only the "POWER WEEDER" model has the full flotation inner deck. This model has full contour control, depth control and speed control with a toolbar for foliage guards, with height and width adjustments for the front bedlocking skis and the rear mounted re-builders with replaceable cutting edges and optional tungsten edges for abrasive conditions.
  • All this is done with the assurance that the crop will not be destroyed by the weeder. WHY? Because of the Raised Bed Tracking System created by known SIZES, compacted Raised Beds which our (Teflon) bedlocking skis lock onto, this gives the Weeder its exacting ACCURACY.
    See "S-Tyne Weeder" for options...


    The S-Tyne weeder does a similar job to the Power Weeder. Available for up to 5 beds per pass (that's a maximum of 30 rows of crop in a single pass!) the S-Tyne weeder is for use in light soils and where accuracy is not paramount. S-Tyne Weeders are fixed rigid with slight depth control, but do not float independent of the outer frame like the Power Weeder model.

    Weeder Options:

    • Standard models come complete with 3 rows per bed top of hoe legs, clamps and knives, (option) if more crop rows are envisaged, additional hoe legs, clamps and knife blades are available in the spare parts list under Power Weeder.
    • Side knives for water penetration can be added.
    • Foliage guards for small crop protection (2 designs) are optional extras.
    • Spray bars can be fitted.
    • Fertilising units for side dressing and bed top incorporating.
    • Your existing rigid hoe legs and wedge & clamp style fixtures can also be used in our system.

     S-Tyne Weeder

     Power Weeder

     Weeding up close

    Made by the company that has the flexibility to build a Raised Bed Management System for any purpose.